F1 to go through largest changes since 1983!

22 Dec

The 2013 season is going to be completely different to the 2012 one, with the cars set to be changed the most since 1983. The ideas were thought up by Patrick Head and Rory Byrne, two very well respected engineers. The cars should use 35% less fuel than the current cars, which will make the cars slightly slower but will make overtaking easier as the cars will be more challenging to drive.

The main changes will be:

* Much smaller front and rear wings;

* A far greater proportion of the total downforce of the cars will be created by the underfloor, compared to the wings;

* A major reduction in the amount of total downforce created by the car;

* To achieve this, the underfloor of the cars will be shaped along its length to generate downforce for the first time since the 1982 season – currently cars have bottoms that are flat between the wheels;

* The average proportion of a lap that a driver is able to spend on full throttle to be cut from 70% in 2010 to 50% in 2013;

* Tyres will remain large and chunky to ensure cornering speeds remain high.

( the bit above is got from http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport/formula_one/9307861.stm)

Head and Byrne have announced that the cars will only be about 5 seconds a lap slower than the current cars. Although we had shaped undersides on the cars before (1982) they were banned as cars were taking corners too quickly, as they had skirts around the edges making the car much more efficient, but this won’t be able to happen due to a rule about the middle of the car being lower than the edges (Newey should be able to find a way to make it quicker though).   Head and Byrne are a good pair to design these rules, because between them they’ve won 17 championships.


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