Ferrari news.

14 Jan

It’s looking very likely that Felipe will only have next season to save his career, despite Stefano Domenicali’s best efforts  to avoid the question, there is now not many people who can think he’ll have any more if next season’s as bad as last season. Massa, 28 has won 11 races out of his 134 in Formula 1 including a best finish of 2nd in the championship in 2008 when he was just beaten by Lewis Hamilton. On the topic, Massa’s said he will be better saying “I know I had a bad 2010”. Stefano has also announced  that he and Ferrari are hoping to have a “perfect” campaign to win both championships, In the last two seasons the Ferrari performance has been little for the Italian fans to sing about. Italians will also now know, that they will never get the GP in Rome which they were hoping for, this is quite a relief as it would be another street circuit and the races at street circuits are generally not as exciting. F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone sent a letter to the major of Rome, stating that they couldn’t have two races in one country, and that they couldn’t take Monza out because it’s untouchable, despite this Spain has two races (Valencia and Catalunya) which breaks Bernie’s rule, even if one of them is the European grand prix (an event not likely to be held in the future as some tracks are going to have to go, so that they can carry on adding races), Monza’s attendance was down this year but with a bit of luck it should go up again next year. Gianni Alemanno – the Major of Rome – who was hoping for both the Rome street circuit and Monza spoke to reporters saying “If there must be a choice between the two races we will take a step back.”


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