25 Jan

There are now quite a few people in Formula 1 who think that the rules on testing are making it harder for rookies to start, there are many ideas going around, but here’s mine:

FP1 should be extended by half an hour, the first half hour of FP1 would then be just for people who have never driven the track before at F1 category, that way they could spend some time getting to know the track before the more experienced drivers get out.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but one problem I’ve found is that teams with just experienced drivers wouldn’t like it because the teams could use it to test things like tyres, therefore any information about the track, tyre etc. would have to be shared to all teams so no one team would have an unfair advantage about knowing which tyres are the best, and how the surface of the track is. But teams who did have them could keep all info about the set up of the car confidential.

How do you think this idea is, and whether it has a chance of working?


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