Kubica crashes!

6 Feb

The driver from Poland was taking part in a rally near Genoa in Italy. He has fractured his right arm, leg and hand, and although the injuries aren’t life threatening he may never drive in F1 again as he already has titanium bolts in his arm after a road crash in 2003 when he was passenger. It’s almost certain he won’t make Bahrain, and it’s odds on for either Bruno Senna or Roman Grosjean to drive in the testing next week. If he can’t make the start of the season then Renault will need to find another driver, here is my shortlist: Nick Heidfeld, advantage: lots of experience, disadvantage: may not be as skilful  as other candidates; Nico Hulkenberg, advantage: probably the best driver on my shortlist, disadvantage: almost no experience; Pedro De La Rosa, advantage: he’s experienced disadvantage: he’s got the least skill of the lot and Kimi Raikkonen, advantage: he’s experienced, he was linked to Renault earlier in the year and skilful, disadvantage: he’s just signed a deal with the Red Bull rally team.

I wish Robert and all his friends and family my sympathy at this time and I hope that he’ll be ok to drive again, if he never drives again then F1 has lost a star.


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