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Perez vs Di Resta

27 Mar

The battle of the debutants.

Sergio Perez

Sadly has been disqualified for an illegal rear wing, but he drove one of the best debut races ever. He qualified well for it  being his first race (and unlike Di Resta Perez has never driven in FP1 as a reserve driver) and managed something not many thought possible, he only had one pit stop. He also finished highly in the points, 7th which would get him 6 points and probably even more amazingly, he finished higher than his team mat – Kamui Kobayashi.

Paul Di Resta

A good race, but Perez outmatched him. Paul had a huge burden on his shoulders after beating both Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton in lower single seater categories and he failed to let himself down, he came out of his first race with one point after both Saubers were disqualified for having an illegal wing. Despite losing to his team mate in the race, Paul managed to outqualify his team mate, Adrian Sutil – A well established driver.

After their first races I’d say that Perez made the bigger splash. Although the car was disqualified it had nothing to do with him and his fastest in race lap was 0.4 seconds faster than Kobayashi and 2 seconds faster than Di Resta.


Autosport’s predictions.

13 Mar

When looking through the current issue of Autosport I noticed that they had some predicitons from the testing statistics, on the short runs (qualifying) they predict:

Ferrari/Red Bull 

Renault /Williams

Toro Rosso/ Mercedes


Sauber/Force India




and on long runs (the races):


Red Bull/Williams


Toro Rosso


Force India




There are some intresting things from this: it shows just how off the pace McLaren are, HRT are still the lowest down, Williams are going to start with a competitive car unlike last year when they ended with one and Toro Rosso are predicted to be higher than McLaren! If this was to acctually happen it would turn the traditional predictions upside down.