Should Nico Hulkenberg be the Force India reserve?

28 May

If you’ve watched the first practise sessions this year in Formula 1, you’d know that in 4 of the 6 sessions this year Force India have replaced one of their main drivers with their reserve driver Nico Hulkenberg, and despite Nico being the reserve driver he’s outperformed both of the driver at least once.

Twice he’s come up against Adrian Sutil, and although he didn’t beat him the first time – finishing 18th – the second time he smashed Adrian finishing 4th. As well as that he’s twice come up against Paul Di Resta, with both times Nico beating him with a 10th and a 13th, of his results 3 are one’s that Force India would be happy with, so the question is, “If he’s so much better, why isn’t he one of the main drivers? There is only one answer, money.

The reason he had to leave Williams to be replaced with Pastor Maldonado was because Pastor brought in a lot of money from a Venezuelan oil company, whilst in comparison Nico brought in almost nothing. Even Williams admitted that if money hadn’t been a problem that they’d keep Nico – who was the only driver not from Red Bull McLaren and Ferrari to get a pole last year, at Interlagos, Brazil.

But what is Nico’s future? As far as Nico is concerned, he just has to keep on  out performing his team mates in practise to make sure the bosses of Force India have a second thought about their line up, alternatively Nico can hope that Michael Schumacher can carry on with this season which hasn’t been particularly good in the hope that either he retires again at the end of the season, or that he quits midway through, as if that was to happen Nico would be one of the frontrunners to replace him as Nico fulfils Mercedes criteria, in that he’s a talented German driver.


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