The Nurburgring

21 Jul

One of my favourite tracks ever made due to it’s history, it’s challenging style and that it was the first ever GP circuit I’ve visited (although not for the GP but actually for a Old Timers Grand Prix held there). The original Nurburgring was an untamed beast which is one of the longest (14 miles) and most dangerous tracks with 174 corners. But after boycotting the track in 1970 and hosting one race in 1976 (in which triple world champion Niki Lauda only just managed to keep his life after crashing) the track never hosted another GP.

But that wasn’t the end of the circuit as a new purpose built track was built in 1981 being built around the old pits. Having been opened in 1984 to host the European GP the circuit got a regular position from 1999 and has since been known to be challenging, due to it’s very challenging first corner, a slippery surface and a lack of overtaking (which could be improved by widening both the Shell and Bit Kurves, or alternatively by using DRS). Since 1999 been a Ferrari stronghold having won 5/10 times, oddly enough no other team has won it more than once with Stewart, Renault, Williams, McLaren and Red Bull winning there once each. Another thing to note it that half of the races there have been won by Germans – although it was 4 times by Michael Schumacher and the other one was won by his brother Ralf.

As far as my prediction for the race goes I’d say that the majority of the corners are low speed with only a handful requiring high downforce, because of this I’d say that the track would suit Ferrari more as Red Bull specialise in the High Downforce corners. Having said this Ferrari have looked strong and even won at tracks which Red Bull have been given the favourites title for.

If you want to know what the old circuit is now used for you can pay to do a lap of the track in your own car (although your insurance doesn’t count if you crash) and is still used for the Le Mans Series race held there each year.


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