3 winners and 3 losers of the Hungaroring qualifying.

31 Jul


Sergio Perez, qualified 10th.

This is Sergio’s rookie season in F1, and my it’s been one to remember, he has 8 points in the championship but has had points taken from him for an illegal car and failed to race at either Monaco or Montreal after his huge shunt (maybe not something to remember). Not only that but in qualifying he’s regularly beating  Kobayashi, a talented driver, and is leading fellow rookie Paul Di Resta in the title standings by 6 points (and don’t forget that Di Resta is touted as a huge potential). One thing many people don’t know about Perez is that as well as driving for Sauber he is part of the Ferrari young drivers program so with a bit of luck it won’t be long before he wears the red overalls belonging to the Maranello team.

Jenson Button, qualified 3rd.

If you’ve kept track of Jenson in the post Braun years, you’ll have observed that although he’s good when it comes to the racing, he is regularly held back by his qualifying performance, that’s why he’s a winner for this week after qualifying less than a tenth of a second behind Hamilton and ahead of both Ferraris and Mark Webber. This should lead to Jenson having a good race and maybe attacking the cars in front of him  for the win, although I imagine he’ll settle for a finish as he’s had back to back retirements going into this race.

Adrian Sutil, Qualified 8th.

This is Adrians second in a row Q3 place and it shows he’s starting to get the best from the car not only in the race but in qualifying, a part of the race weekend where he’s regularly been beaten by rookie team mate, Di Resta. This also marks a good rejuvenation of the car as pre Silverstone it was only finishing in low down points and at Silverstone Di Resta qualified 6th and last week at the Nurburgring Sutil finished 6th.


Jerome d’Ambrosio, qualified 24th.

Jerome is on the list of losers because he was out qualified by both of the HRTs including Daniel Ricciardo who is only in his second ever GP.  As well as that Jerome has always up to here been strong in qualifying and has managed to regularly out perform team mate Timo Glock in qualifying.

Both Renaults, Vitaly Petrov 12th and Nick Heidfeld 14th.

Lets rewind to the start of the season where in the first race Petrov finished 3rd, then lets go to the second race of the season where Heidfeld finished 3rd. Now back to the present and neither is doing very well at all, both drivers problem is there inconsistency,  with Petrov it’s kind of allowed as it’s his second season and in his debut season he was amazingly inconsistant, but Heidfeld has no excuse as he’s one of the most experienced drivers out on the grid. What Renault won’t be happy with is that both drivers are behind a Sauber and both Force India’s and Heidfeld is also behind the other Sauber, these are teams they should be comfortably beating, with this disappointing run it makes Renaults chances of winning the championship in the next 5 years slim.


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