The Sky/BBC F1 coverage, is it all bad?

4 Aug

When the news was broken last week I think there were very few people who thought it was  good thing, but now after a week I think we need to look at the consequences, both positive and negative.


Lack of Eddie Jordans shirts: yes, with Sky broadcasting half of the races that will only be half of the races that we all end up having to see his poor choice of shirts.

Sky’s huge range: I know the prices are steep if you want to watch every race live, but if you do decide to subscribe then you’ll certainly get your moneys worth, Sky broadcast live Premier League football, live Guinness Premiership  Rugby Union, live Cricket and probably many other things I’ve missed out, including -from next year- half of the F1 season. As well as this if you hit the wall in trying to get Sky of a female partner then Sky have channels filled with the rubbish American TV which the Female population seem to like, so therefore you may be able to negotiate around it.


F1 leaves free to air TV: earlier in the year it was promised that F1 would not leave it but even when looking at the end of their careers the Murdoch’s manage carry on trying to conquer the world of sport, media and everything else. As well as that this deal will reduce the number of viewers, which will reduce the amount the sponsors for teams will pay, which could mean that some teams will struggle for money and may have to leave the sport, reuining the spectacle of F1.

Golf/Snooker will still be on BBC: Strange isn’t it how come the BBC axe F1 which brings in millions of viewers every week, but insist on keeping the open golf and Snooker, both of which don’t manage half as many viewers and manage to make everyone tune in to whatever’s on itv at the time. As well as this the BBC have programs they can incorporate with F1, e.g. Moto GP and Top Gear so the BBC could use the F1 to up the viewers of these programs.

It gives the Murdochs more power: probably the most important negative as in these days of phone hacking and scandal their is still only one thing on Mr Murdochs mind, power. You’d have thought that he’d have more important things on his mind like his career and pondering what punishments the judge could give him.

P.S. if any driver/engineer reads this (which I doubt) if any one from Sky asks for your mobile number do not give it to them as they may pass it on to Rebecca Brooks who may hack the number and reveal your/your teams secrets.


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