3 winners and losers of Qualifying.

27 Aug


Jaime Alguersuari: 6th place is gold dust to the guy as he regularly struggles in qualifying and is staking his claim on those elusive Toro Rosso seats for next year, the only way it wouldn’t be so amazing is if he was on a wet set up but even so it’s till a great feat for the youngest driver on the grid.

Bruno Senna: After a lacklustre year last year Bruno has moved to a quicker car and boy he’s become fast getting 7th and beating his team mate, surely this means that it will be Bruno who drives for Renault for the rest of the season as Heidfeld hasn’t been anything special so far.

Heikki Kovalainen: A great call by someone as that call gave Heikki a place in Q2 and 16th place.


Jenson Button: A communication mistake has ruined it for him otherwise it would be a place in the top 5 for him. On the positive side it gives me bragging rights over my Uncle who’s a JB fan.

Michael Schumacher: Not the dream anniversary for Schue not even managing one lap as a rear wheel fell off causing him to crash and start at the back.

Pastor Maldonado: His move on Hamilton was just plain stupid as the session was already over, if he wanted to make a point he should have squared up to the guy in the paddock and then at the very least it would make some good TV. The news will be what penalty he gets as I can’t imagine he’ll be found innocent.


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