Spa driver ratings: Red Bull, Renault and Sauber. Pt. 3

31 Aug

Sebastian Vettel 7/10:

Despite winning was only the second best German behind the old master Schue but out on track dominated as always never looking out of it despite problems with the tyre strategies. An astonishing qualifying with a whole second advantage although most of that was being on the track at the right time started his race off and despite going behind Rosberg at the start never really looked worried.

Mark Webber 7/10:

A good qualifying lap left him 3rd but when the car’s anti stall kicked in at the start it looked like it might all go wrong, despite this he got the car in check and with the faster tyres started trying to attack Vettel.

Vitaly Petrov 6/10:

Was completely shown up by his inexperienced team mate in qualifying but managed to make Q3 will probably relive the pain. His race was probably average seeing as the car isn’t entirely competitive except for the lower points.

Bruno Senna 7/10:

Senna-sational in qualifying somehow taking the car to 7th after almost a year off but an incident at the start gave him a drive thru which ruined his race. With Renault’s problems with drivers I’d recommend they keep Senna for the rest of the year as I think with a bit of experience he may be able to pick up a few points.

Kamui Kobayashi 5/10:

The Sauber is starting to lose its way and Kamui seems to be dropping off too but was at best average all weekend. How he managed to keep up with Hamilton before the incident no one knows.

Sergio Perez 6/10:

Another strong qualifying performance managed to take him to another Q3 but his speed wasn’t as visible in the race ¬†despite only making it to 27 laps.


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