Abu Dhabi, the new Red Bull.

2 Sep

If you look through the sports all over the world there is one recurring similarity, Red Bull, the own a German football team, an American football team, 2 F1 teams, a huge host of lower category single seaster teams, a Nascar team, the air races, a WRC rally team and more. But from Monza there will be a new competitor for this crown of Monopolising the sporting world, Abu Dhabi. What use to be an area full of desert and oil is still an area full of desert but as they’ve got the oil out they’ve become unbelivebly rich. They own Man. City, PSG (some French football club who spent more than Kimi Raikonnens Ferrari wages on some French footballers), a ridiculously expensive (but at best average) F1 circuit and now Toro Rosso.

Officially they’re going to be owned by Petroleum Investment but they’re owned by the Abu Dhabian government so you know the Sheiks are going to be all over it. What this means for Toro Rosso no one knows, will they still be the training ground for Red Bull? Will they still be called  Toro Rosso (Spanish for Red Bull)? Just how many of the Sheik’s 50million figure wealth will they throw at the team just to still be fighting in the midfield? Only time will tell.


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