Perez, the best thing from Mexico since …..

3 Sep

With speed, raw talent and an ability to make tyres last that would make Jenson Button turn red in the face and cry Sergio Perez is one of the hottest things on the F1 teams market. With all this and he’s a member of the Ferrari driving academy it surely can’t be long before we see him driving for Ferrari, reaching the top spot on the podium and clutching the Drivers World Championship trophy. He would suit Ferrari as their car has always been light on tyres and like drivers who drive like Perez, all out and fast. As well as that he’s got the Ferrari style which is hard to describe but only some drivers have it, Fernando has it, Massa still has it but not as much as he use to and Rubens Barrichello had it by the bag. But if you don’t have it it’s not all bad, Schumacher didn’t. In fact it only seems to be had by drivers from Southern Europe (e.g. Spain and Italy) or from South or Central America. With all these things in his favour he can only be a few years at most from standing at the top of that podium with a huge grin on his face.


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