Sky play monopoly with F1

4 Sep

Having got the rights for half the F1 races starting next season Sky have applied the Sky treatment to motorsport buying the contract to show the GP2 (F1’s main feeder category) GP3 (Gp2’s major feeder category) and the Porsche Supercup. All this just goes to show that Sky are really using F1 to up the intrest in lower category racing and if done well – dare I say it – should make their coverage even better than the BBCs as it would introduce the potential next world champions or at least drivers to the world – although I think it would mainly just be used by die hard F1 fans and the competitors families.

WIth this I doubt it’s going to be long before Sky start trying to buy the WRC (world rally championship), the DTM (German Touring Cars) which is what Paul Di Resta came through and the BTCC (the British Touring Car Championship).  Both the WRC’s and DTM’s contracts are currently owned by ESPN but when they come up for sale I’d expect Sky to go for them to enhance their motorsport coverage. The BTCC is currently shown by itv 4 and as part of the deal they show ll the support races, this contract is valid for 3 years so at least Sky will have to wait to win Monopoly.

As much as I dislike Sky if they put all this effort in I think it’s going to be really hard for F1 fans to complain about it as they’ll be able to see races like GP2 which is a similar style of racing and they’ll show other styles of racing in the Porsche supercup.


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