How many races are we going to have?

6 Sep

With Austin coming in next year (2012) and a 5 year contract for Sochi starting in 2014 there is a huge influx of tracks coming in and unless tracks start to be dropped there is going to be just too many. In this and last seasons we gained two new tracks – South Korea and India – and every month we hear about places considering to host tracks, this week it’s Bangkok (capital of Thailand), last week it was France who are considering updating one of there tracks to draw F1 back and there is that recurring theme of a New York GP. So what exactly can be done to make sure the season doesn’t become too big.

1. Drop all street circuit GPs except Monaco and say no more can come in: So we’d lose Singapore and Valencia which no one would lose sleep about.

2. Tell the Chinese authorities that unless they manage to fill over 75% of the stadium with paying spectators: Every year when the circus comes to China we see huge grandstands covered in adverts to try and hide the empty seats.

3. For new GPs give them just a 1 year contract: This way you can see if it’s any good or not and if it is give it a better contract and if not just drop it.

4. Let the teams choose which track is dropped: At the end of the season all the teams name a bad track and the following years GP there is cancelled and if they get offered bribes then the track trying to bribe them also gets dropped: This would get rid of the rubbish tracks like Bahrain  and introduce another layer of strategy as teams try to drop tracks that don’t suit their car.


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