3 winners and loser of qualifying, Monza

10 Sep


Sebastian Vettel: Another race another pole. On a track where Red Bull have never qualified on pole before it took an amazing effort to take it by half a second making him the only person since Ayrton Senna to pick up 10 poles in a season in two consecutive seasons.

Vitaly Petrov: After a dismal season of qualifying 7th must seem to heaven for Petrov who for this weekend is wearing a black helmet in memory of the Russian Ice Hockey players who died in a plane crash a few weeks ago.

Lewis Hamilton: After a mistake ridden Spa Hamilton has turned up the gas to perform here taking the fastest lap in Q1 and managing to finish 2nd.


Vitantonio Liuzzi: In a remarkably slow car it must have been a disappointment to end up behind his much younger (and less experienced) team mate.

Jaime Alguersuari: With many expecting it to be Maldonado who dropped out after Q1 it took a huge lack of pace fir Jaime to end up there, afterwards he said simply, “The pace wasn’t there”.

Mark Webber: There was a massive lack of people who failed to perform and so for ending up 4 places (the most of any set of team mates) and 0.7 seconds (the second largest gap between any set of team mates) behind his team mate Mark gets relegated to this spot.


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