Driver ratings Monza, Pt. 1, Ferrari, Force India and Hispania

11 Sep

Fernando Alonso 9/10

A fantastic start to lead the first 6 laps before the tyres started to drop, a lack of pace at the end let Hamilton have a go for 3rd but an quality drive to take 3rd none the less, no one will be happier than the Tifosi this evening.

Felipe Massa 7/10

Looked on to get a good finish before the curse struck again this time in the form of Mark Webber. Everytime he’s looked good someone makes a mistake which ruins his race (occasionally himself) but he should get a podium before the end of the year.

Adrian Sutil 6/10

Only had 9 laps to impress before he had to retire but there was nothing special in those laps and qualifying 12th was below his ability.

Paul Di Resta 7/10

8th was maybe a but higher than deserved but then again if you can finish that is half the job done then and there. Unlucky to miss out on a Q3 spot but 11th is still good for a rookie.

Vitantonio Liuzzi 1/10

Not only a bad qualifying but then went out with a bang for his 75th GP taking a few out with him.

Daniel Ricciardo 4/10

It’s hard to tell how fast Daniel is when he’s driving in such a slow car but it still wasn’t good and despite retiring in the early laps he returned to the track to finish 14 laps back.


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