Driver Ratings Monza Pt.2 Lotus, McLaren and Mercedes

12 Sep

Heikki Kovalainen 6/10

A fantastic race by him to pretty much cement 10th place for Lotus this year and he helped prove the point of “to finish first first you must finish” which many drivers seemed to forget.

Jarno Trulli 6/10

With a new contract to stay with Lotus Jarno stepped straight up to the plate finishing 14th.

Lewis Hamilton 5/10

Disappointing to stay behind Schumacher for so long but put a spurt on at the end to reign Alonso in, Lewis will be able to sleep tonight though as he actually managed to finish a race.

Jenson Button 7/10

After a disappointing start  to the race it was a impeccable overtaking manoeuvre that defined his race and gave him the 2nd place.

Michael Schumacher 8/10

The real Schue was back today ducking and weaving all over the show and pushing the rules to the letter but it’s races like these that remind you of his talent and make you think coming back wasn’t a bad idea.

Nico Rosberg 6/10

Took a major risk in his qualifying and if it hadn’t been for the first corner accident we’d have seen if it was a good idea or not.


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