Driver Ratings Monza Pt.3 Red Bull, Renault and Sauber

13 Sep

Sebastian Vettel 10/10

The track where he was his first GP let him win one of his easiest, once he overtook Alonso he was off and never to be seen again and by winning he’s pretty much tied up this championship.

Mark Webber 5/10

Not great in qualifying and then was the only person to blame for his retirement being responsible for hitting Massa and then locking the tyres which meant he couldn’t stay on the track.

Vitaly Petrov 6/10

Did well in qualifying to grab 7th but he too was caught up in the turn 1 crash.

Bruno Senna 7/10

The first points for a Senna since 1993 Adelaide. A great race for Bruno who’s starting to look every inch the racing driver overtaking with style and qualifying highly.

Kamui Kobayashi 5/10

If it hadn’t been for the gearbox problem would probably have picked up points but disappointing in qualifying to only manage 17th.

Sergio Perez 6/10

Was on an amazing one stop strategy which shows just how amazing soft he is on his tyres and as with Kamui would probably have gone on to get points if it weren’t for the gearbox problem.


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