How to stop Red Bull win 2011

15 Sep

With Vettel able to win the drivers championship in Singapore and the constructors championship and no one offering a good enough challenge to stop them winning the constructors championship, we look at how they could be stopped winning the 2011 championships:

Find a Red Bull mechanic holding confidential Ferrari information as in 2007 McLaren were caught and disqualified from the constructors championship.

Send someone to go and break Vettel’s legs, that way he shouldn’t be able to win races, although you’d still need Alonso, Hamilton, Button or Webber to win 5/6 races for Vettel to not get the championship.

Give in and just work on the 2012 car, no-one is going to be able to stop Red Bull this year, so why not try and get the technical advantage  for next year so these 2 years of Red Bull dominance are just 2 years.


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