Rookie Racing

17 Sep

One of the biggest problems with F1 at the moment is the lack of track time that new drivers can get before they start a season and although there are things like young driver testing at the end of the year there are still problems with that. The major problems with these ideas is that no team wants to have their car destroyed by a rookie and they also want as much track time for their race drivers as possible, but I have a solution.

If on the Thursday on the race weekend (Monaco would have to be an exception) there was a couple of hours long session solely devoted to drivers who had never started a race at that circuit then it would encourage the teams to use a rookie to gain more info on the track and if there was a crash the engineers would have enough time to repair the car or get someone to come out with spare parts. If this was arranged correctly then you’d have complete rookies and you could have drivers like Paul Di Resta and Sergio Perez taking part too as that was they’d gain some valuable experience on the track. To make sure the teams aren’t concerned about the tyres if Pirelli gave each car a pair of options and a pair of primes (or inters and wets if it rains) which can only be used in the thursday session, and if teams like Ferrari couldn’t bear letting their drivers destroy the race car the session could be made to allow the previous years cars as well as the current years so the drivers get the practice and the teams could let them do there worst.

Thursday could also be made into a day where the circuits try and attract children to the circuits to try and drive up the interest in F1 by doing offers like kids go free and aim it at schools for school trips where pupils could do some extra curricular work, maybe Art students doing some photography or maths and physics student running investigations into average speeds or at a track like Spa you could have geography students looking at the geography of the area as well as letting them see the cars.

I believe this system would work as it does many things at once, it drives up the interest in motorsport with children, it lets rookies have valuable track time and it lets the teams have the assurance that they can repair the car in time for the race team.


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