Ferrari’s frantic starts.

23 Sep

With Fernando Alonso today admitting that Ferrari need to be contesting Grand Prixs earlier on in the season we look back at the last few years since they last managed it (2004).

2005, generally Ferrari have a style where they come back into the championship around half way through the year but 2005 is an exception, although they contested for GPs their efforts were constantly thwarted  and the only victory was in the United States, a race where all their rivals had to pull out due to tyre issues.

2006, The standard Ferrari season, win a few early on, Ferrari got 2/9 and then come back and dominate the second half of the season which they also did winning 7 out of the 9 remaining races, despite this comeback Alonso still took the title with ease beating Schumacher by 13 points.

2007, Maybe the greatest comeback ever, with Raikkonen needing to get 20 more points (20 points = 2 victories) than Hamilton in the last two races to take the championship a dominant performance by him in those last two races gave him  the championship by 1 point.  It was a good start to the season though for Ferrari winning the first 4/8 before before winning 5 of the last 9.

2008, Not what you’d expect of a Ferrari season, they were dominating taking 4 of the first 5 races before slowing down and only winning 4/13, this dismal end led to Massa losing the championship by 1 point, almost a reversal of the season before’s results.

2009, Was Ferraris worst start to the season for over a decade and it took until round 12 for them to take the top position on the podium and they took no more, Ferrari were 4th in the table 102 points behind Brawn in a year when a victory was only worth 10 points.

2010,  A season sketched on everyone’s mind, despite winning the first race Ferrari struggled in the next 9 races before Alonso got a car worth driving and winning 4/7 only not finishing on the podium once when he crashed out at Spa, even though they were suddenly the team to beat a weaker performance at Interlagos and a strategic error at Abu Dhabi ruined their season.



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