3 winners and losers of qualifying, Singapore.

25 Sep


Sebastian Vettel: He knew coming into the race that his best chances of winning the championship are by winning this race and therefore taking pole, and he’s done just that setting the fastest times in Q1, Q2 and Q3. His best Q2 time would still put him 6th in Q3.

Williams: Have struggled race after race and have always needed to improve and not it looks like they’ve done it qualifying 12th and 13th, which should give them a good chance of finishing the points. Last time they looked strong was at Monaco when Pastor Maldonado had 6th when Hamilton took him off.

Bruno Senna: Has out qualified his team mate 2/3 and has been unbelievably fast but Senna gets in the winners for pushing Petrov down into 18th and therefore out on Q1.


Lewis Hamilton: Not for a bad performance but for the puncturing of a set of tyres, this means he has one set of super softs less than the rest of the top 6 and so will have to have longer stints on the super softs and the softs, a strategy that will lose him time.

Vitaly Petrov: After a great start to the season – finishing 3rd at Australia – to go out in Q1 looking like he couldn’t be bothered to go out again is awful for the talented Russian.

Schumacher, Sutil and Di Resta: Ruined qualifying by not going out and setting a time in Q3 which is hated by many fans of the sport, so much so that there are campaigns to set up a rule for 2012 that says everyone who can has to set a time in Q3.


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