Driver Ratings, Japan. Pt.1 Ferrari, Force India and Hispania

11 Oct

Fernando Alonso 8/10 Q5 F2

Weak in qualifying only managing 5th, but drove a solid race to finish 2nd and had he started his charge earlier could have battled for first at the very end.

Felipe Massa 5/10 Q4 F7

I’m not sure what Massa did pre season but it looks like he must have entered a mirror smashing contest he’s had that much bad luck. Another collision with Hamilton and a bad strategy let him down. On the positive side he did beat team mate Alonso in qualifying.

Adrian Sutil 6/10 Q11 F11

So close yet so far. Not as impressive in qualifying as he has been of late but really challenged in the race taking part in a 5 way battle for 9th.

Paul Di Resta 5/10 Q12 F12

Had an astonishing start going up to 8th but a few mistakes brought him back to earth and he finished a lackluster 12th to make sure the battle between Sauber and Force India gets closer.

Vitantonio Liuzzi 1/10 Q24 F23

Didn’t go out in qualifying but it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway he’d have still started 24th, and after less than 10 laps was quite simply in a race of his own.

Daniel Ricciardo 2/10 Q22 F22

Being in a HRT isn’t a good place to be at the moment it’s so unbelievably slow. Despite this it was a good performance by Daniel to beat team mate Liuzzi during the race, again.


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