Driver Ratings, Japan. Pt.3 Renault, Red Bull and Sauber

13 Oct

Vitaly Petrov 5/10 Q10 F9

Despite setting the pace early on in the season Renault are starting to struggle, it was a disappointing qualifying not even going out in Q3 but there wasn’t a dramatic improvement in the race trundling home to 9th.

Bruno Senna 2/10 Q9 F16

May not be in the car to beat at the moment but to drop 7 places in the race is a disappointing performance for young Brazilian. Despite this he is one of the young guys to watch and will be fighting for a drive seat next season.

Sebastian Vettel 8/10 Q1 F3

May not have the raw ability of Schumacher but he has the brain of Prost, managing all that was needed. Some say he may win more than Schumacher’s 7 but we need to see how Red Bull cope with the major rule changes around the corner.

Mark Webber 7/10 Q6 F4

Starting to drop back compared to his team mate and may not have many seasons left in him, his 6th in qualifying was a bit of an insult to the speed of the car, on the positive side he had a good start as far as he’s concerned not losing any places.

Kamui Kobayashi 6/10 Q7 F13

Lit up the Japanese Fan’s faces when he was fastest in Q1 and qualified for Q3, but couldn’t keep it going and a poor start gave us signs of what was to come. Unlike last year he wasn’t the exciting overtaker and the hairpin this year was overtake free.

Sergio Perez 9/10 Q17 F8 Driver of the Day

Went up 9 places throughout the race an achievement  even his team mate would find a hard feat. I for one think he’s been the rookie of the season so far.


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