3 winners and losers of qualifying, South Korea

15 Oct


Lewis Hamilton Q1 Ended the mammoth Red Bull pole run and silenced the critics by taking the fastest times in each of the qualifying sessions, this weekend has been a weekend of dominance for McLaren so far -only not being fastest in FP1- and so long as neither retire we should expect a McLaren victory.

Felipe Massa Q5 Again he’s ahead of Fernando Alonso and this new dominance in qualifying may be what saves his position with Ferrari for next season.

Vitaly Petrov Q8 It takes either a huge mistake or an amazing lap to qualify 7 places ahead of your team mate and when your team mate has been regularly beating you in qualifying it becomes even better.


Sebastian Vettel Q2 As far as Seb is concerned 2nd is practically last, his worst qualifying since starting 3rd at the Nurburging.

Daniel Ricciardo Q24 Constantly caught out by bad luck today picking up a water leak in FP3 which led to an another unidentified problem to stop him taking part in qualifying.

Rubens Barrichello Q18 A few years ago Williams would have only qualified 18th if there was some serious technical and yet here they are starting 18th having tried their hardest, this is a team seriously going down.


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