3 winners and losers of qualifying, India.

29 Oct


Indian GP organisers: They did it! It’s been an astonishing feat of achievement to get the track to this level without Korea’s worries of will they make it, the track’s exciting, new and as far as the drivers are concerned maybe the best Tilke track ever. F1 has really embraced the developing world and the timing couldn’t be better, there’s a new bollywood film out and the starts are all over F1.

Toro Rosso: 9th and 10th in qualifying, this is a team which until last winter hadn’t had to build it’s own chassis and from week to week it’s becoming better and better, if this is a sign to come Toro Rosso could have their second victory next season.

Red Bull: 16 poles in one season, the records continue and the Red Bull era of dominance is in full swing, roll on inaugural Indian GP victory.


Virgin F1: 23rd and 24th a performance that is their worst in qualifying in the teams history, Glock’s got the excuse of a fault on the car but D’Ambrosio hasn’t, so are HRT suddenly becoming faster or are Virgin heading downhill.

Kamui Kobayashi: The reason he’s messed it up and is starting 18th is because of how few laps he set in Q1, 6 while the Team Lotuses each did 13 and both HRTs did 11. Of course it’s not as bigger problem as you’d expect as every time Kamui’s been knocked out in Q1 he’s gone on to finish in the points this year and he is one of the best overtakers on the track.

Felipe Massa’s mechanics: If they were expecting a quiet evening tonight they’re out of luck, they’ve got to replace at least one wheels suspension and a front wing, lucky them.


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