Driver Ratings, India. Pt.2 Lotus, McLaren and Mercedes.

31 Oct

Heikki Kovalainen 7/10 Q18 F14

Thoroughly deserved to get points for Team Lotus, but sometimes in life things don’t go the right war, the car was quick despite not having KERS and when he was ahead of Sutil and Di Resta he was giving their lap times a run for their money, if Lotus carries on this level of improvement then they could pick up points next season.

Jarno Trulli 4/10 Q19 F19

His race was over almost as soon as it had begun, sent off the track on lap 1 it was from then on a desperate attempt to try to finish in the penultimate place, to no avail. If Lotus had known what would happen then they’d have dropped Trulli with Chandhok so they could please the Indian fans.

Jenson Button 9/10 Q4 F2

If anyone took the race to Vettel it was Button, he was quick daring and  desperate to win, he didn’t but he tried after lap 1 was constantly in 2nd place never letting Alonso or Webber get a look in on 2nd place.

Lewis Hamilton 6/10 Q5 F7

Will want to solely blame his bad race on the incident with Massa, but in truth he’ll know that it wasn’t going well anyway, he was well off the pace in the first stint and was complaining about the car regularly during the race. He may have been equally at fault for the collision as Massa as if Massa had wanted to get around the corner he’d have needed to turn in to make it.

Michael Schumacher 8/10 Q11 F5

A spark of genius at the end of his second stint gave him the advantage over Rosberg in the race, Michael stayed out a few laps longer gained the seconds and managed to stay 5th after pitting. This came after a very disastrous where he was close to being out in Q1 and then had to settle for 11th.

Nico Rosberg 6/10 Q7 F6

Had a good start staying in 7th for the first quarter of the race, then had to pit and started to work up the positions, taking full advantage of the Hamilton Massa incident to go up to 5th, he would have stayed their too had it not been for Schumacher jumping him in the pit stops.


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