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Driver Ratings, Brazil. Pt. 1 Ferrari, Force India and Hispania

29 Nov

Fernando Alonso Q5 F4 8/10

With a better car and more luck he could have kept the podium position he lost late on in the race. The start -as usual- was better than most others and had it not been for a decision to go outside not inside he could have overtaken both McLarens not just Hamilton.

Felipe Massa Q7 F5 5/10

Another disappointing race in another disappointing season for Felipe as he finished 31 seconds behind Alonso who had the same car as Felipe finished in his trademark 5th position (his 6th this season). Felipe livened up the end of the race though as he performed doughnuts all over the track.

Adrian Sutil Q8 F6 8/10

Force India are going from strength to strength and this race proved it as Adrian beat both cars from Mercedes and Renault it’s a shame Adrian may be leaving Force India next season as he’s an integral part of their progression.

Paul Di Resta Q11 F8 8/10

Paul was disappointing in FP1 as he was slower than reserve driver Nico Hulkenburg, again. Despite this Paul had a good race  and by coming in a few laps earlier for his first stop he had a better strategy than most others and finished up 8th.

Vitantonio Liuzzi Q21 F ret. 6/10

It was an amazing feat in qualifying to beat both of the Virgins and he kept that form till the point where he retired.

Daniel Ricciardo Q22 F20 5/10

Drove well to help HRT take 11th in the championship and has performed well up in his brief stint with HRT although we’ll need to see him in a competitive car if we are to be able to evaluate him properly.



3 winners and losers of qualifying, Brazil

27 Nov


Sebastian Vettel – A year of records being sent flying all over the show and it looks like the season will end the way it started with Vettel on the top of the podium.

Rubens Barrichello – Just when it looked like Rubens’ career was over he pulled out an amazing qualifying to start 12th, 6 places above team mate, Pastor Maldonado. If this is the end at least he’ll go out on a high.

Bruno Senna – In the country where he’s practically a god Bruno pulled out all the stops to get through to Q3 and qualify 9th, this is a guy racing for a place next season and with Petrov only managing 15th Bruno is certainly asserting his argument for a race seat.


Lotus – At the start of the season they set out their goals, and now the season is drawing to end we can safely say they didn’t manage them, still no points and only managing to make it to Q2 on a handful of occasions.

Felipe Massa – After a strong spell in qualifying Felipe has suddenly dropped in front of the home fans and will start 7th. Despite pressure for Felipe to leave Ferrari it looks like he will be allowed one more season.

Michael Schumacher – Didn’t go out in Q3 making him the Scrouge of the ultimate race of the season.

Carrera Evolution Grand Prix Set

21 Nov

With Christmas around a month away this electronic racing game (like a scaletric) caught my eye, mainly because for £30 you can buy a safety cat to go with the set  so when you and your brother/son/anyone else have a big pile up you can dispatch Bernd (the safety car driver) to clear up the mess. The entire thing’s on the pricey side though as you need to pay £90 to get the 4.5 meter figure of 8 track along with Vettel and Alonso to race on it.

Post Abu Dhabi News

17 Nov

Allthough Jean-Eric Vergne was the fastest in the young drivers test for the second day in succession Ferrari hopeful Jules Bianchi was 0.091 seconds behind him. This gap is much smaller than expected as in qualifying last saturday as then Alonso was 0.6 seconds behind Vettel. This small gap could be for three reasons, A, Jean-Eric Vergne is not as good a driver as Red Bull think, B, Jules Bianchi is just 0.5 seconds quicker than Vergne, if this is the case we should expect him in F1 in the next two years as the rival to Ricciardo. Or C, Ferrari are making huge leaps forward in their car and if this is the case Red Bull had better we worried about the Interlagos GP.

The driver who Bianchi may replace, Massa has recommended to the Abu Dhabi track organisers to widen the hairpin so there can be more overtaking. This extra overtaking would come from more aggressive  cornering which would influence the speed the cars could get to on the straight which will affect the overtaking.

Driver Ratings, India. Pt.4 Toro Rosso, Virgin and Williams.

2 Nov

Sebastian Buemi 6/10 Q9 F retired

After Toro Rosso’s best qualifying session this year Seb started ahead of the Williams and the Renaults, both teams with a history of winning. But sadly the start wasn’t up to the expectations from the day before and like that he was 12th. Over the next 23 laps he worked on getting back up to 9th, which he did before he needed to pit and came out in 12th again, before retiring with an engine failure.

Jaime Alguersuari 7/10 Q10 F8

An amazing feat to get to Q3, especially seeing as he isn’t usually a good qualifier, and unlike Buemi he reached our expectations, although he dropped one place at the start he worked to get up to 9th before pitting and then took himself to 8th, although his second pit took him back to 9th Felipe Massa’a retirement secured him 4 points in the championship.

Timo Glock 4/10 Q24 F retired

Unlucky to have such a short race as Kamui Kobayashi forced him to enter a spin after he retook the track. Timo was unlucky to have to qualify 24th as if it wasn’t for a car malfunction he looked set to start his usual 21st ahead of team mate and both the HRTs.

Jerome D’Ambrosio 7/10 Q21 F16

Shot up the places on the first lap as he managed to avoid the carnage and managed to embark on a good fight with Karthikeyan, a fight he won on lap 50.

Rubens Barrichello 7/10 Q15 F15

Was the worst driver on the first lap going down to 22nd and having to have a front wing replaced, but after that he drove like a demon somehow managing to get the car to 15th before his second pit stop. It was a race which summed up Rubens, never give up.

Pastor Maldonado 6/10 Q13 F retired

Showed his pace in qualifying beating Barrichello by 0.9 seconds and this also took him above both Renaults. Compared to some he had a good start, only losing one place, which he quickly regained before his retirement on lap 12.

Driver Ratings, India. Pt.3 Red Bull, Renault and Sauber

1 Nov

Sebastian Vettel 10/10 Q1 F1  #DOTD

Victory, pole, fastest lap and he led every lap, his first grand slam making him the youngest person to ever get one beating Senna. It was a race full of records as he also beat Nigel Mansell’s record for most laps led throughout a season and it took Red Bull to 16 poles, another record, and of course, maybe the most important, he’ll go down forever as the first man to win a Indian GP.

Mark Webber 5/10 Q2 F4

While Seb is so dominant Mark – in the same car – is just so feeble. He had a good start – for him – not losing a place and couldn’t put up a fight when Jenson Button overtook him. He then spent an entire race fighting Fernando Alonso just to lost a spot on the podium. This Aussie is losing it whilst the prodigy, Daniel Ricciardo is just coming onto the scene.

Vitaly Petrov 6/10 Q15 F11

An awful qualifying session leaving him stranded behind both Williams but in the race you could see the pace, he was quick and my he fought Perez for that last point.

Bruno Senna 6/10 Q14 F12

Outqualified team mate Petrov and had a phenomenal start to the race but, his strategy was off the pace and had he pitted earlier for his last stop he could have picked up points.

Kamui Kobayashi 3/10 Q17 F retired

Was out in Q3 after a slow time and not enough laps but at least his short lived race was exciting, in the first corner he was taken off the track and when he returned to it he went into the path of Timo Glock, both had to retire.

Sergio Perez 7/10 Q20 F10

A stunning race to raise from near the back to the points, it wasn’t a quick moving up the field though, instead he had to slowly go up never losing a place but always taking them.