3 winners and losers of qualifying, Brazil

27 Nov


Sebastian Vettel – A year of records being sent flying all over the show and it looks like the season will end the way it started with Vettel on the top of the podium.

Rubens Barrichello – Just when it looked like Rubens’ career was over he pulled out an amazing qualifying to start 12th, 6 places above team mate, Pastor Maldonado. If this is the end at least he’ll go out on a high.

Bruno Senna – In the country where he’s practically a god Bruno pulled out all the stops to get through to Q3 and qualify 9th, this is a guy racing for a place next season and with Petrov only managing 15th Bruno is certainly asserting his argument for a race seat.


Lotus – At the start of the season they set out their goals, and now the season is drawing to end we can safely say they didn’t manage them, still no points and only managing to make it to Q2 on a handful of occasions.

Felipe Massa – After a strong spell in qualifying Felipe has suddenly dropped in front of the home fans and will start 7th. Despite pressure for Felipe to leave Ferrari it looks like he will be allowed one more season.

Michael Schumacher – Didn’t go out in Q3 making him the Scrouge of the ultimate race of the season.


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