Driver Ratings, Brazil. Pt.3 Red Bull, Renault and Sauber

5 Dec

Sebastian Vettel Q1 F2 8/10

Wether or not the gearbox ‘problem’ was real or not Vettel was fast and has well and truly proved himself worthy of being a double world champion as his record break this weekend was 15 pole positions in 1 season.

Mark Webber Q2 F1 9/10

Has deserved a win all season but was stopped by Seb, ironically he won this one because of Seb. He performed well all weekend and tied up the DHL fastest lap award this weekend.

Vitaly Petrov Q15 F10 6/10

Has started to perform better although there are still too many rough edges, his qualifying was particularly poor  and his race wasn’t inspirational.

Bruno Senna Q9 F17 5/10

Whilst Vitaly went forward during the race Bruno went backwards, he lost his position when he had the collision with Schumacher and couldn’t pull himself back up again always between 16th and 18th.

Kamui Kobayashi Q16 F9 7/10

There is some light at the end of the tunnel for Sauber as having not performed recently they picked up a valuable 2 points to prove they can still fight it out, Kamui really performed in his first stint rising to 7th before having to resign himself to 9th.

Sergio Perez Q17 F13 6/10

Not the all action performances we saw at the beginning of the season but Perez shouldn’t be too disappointed, like Kamui he had a strong 1st stint taking him within grasping distance of points but sadly for Perez it was not to be.


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