Drivers Preview, Pt.1 Caterham, Ferrari and Force India.

24 Feb


Heikki Kovalainen: as he starts his 3rd year driving for the Lotus/Caterham outfit Heikki knows that this year has got to be the year when Caterham score points and he’ll be the man to do it having always been the better driver in the car. So long as Heikki can carry on taking the Caterham beyond it’s limits he’ll still be driving with Caterham for a while.

Vitaly Petrov: During last season we saw hints that he might not be just a pay driver, but as the season wore on Vitaly wore down. It was no surprise therefore that Renault dropped Vitaly, but for him to end up at Caterham is a surprise, I never expected Caterham to need a pay driver, although he has got the talent required to drive for Caterham, and could fill the second seat well.


Fernando Alonso: Widely thought of as the best driver on the grid and so long as the Ferrari’s good and competitive Alonso can win races. Fernando has one of the most secure seat on the grid and so he’s almost certain to still be with the Tifosi in 2013.

Felipe Massa: Had another poor year last year, but if this year is another bad one then I can’t see Ferrari keeping Felipe. Despite this there’s a chance that this year could be the year when he redeems himself and becomes competitive once more.

Force India:

Nico Hulkenburg: The Hulk is back after a forced sabbatical and if his performances on Friday last year was anything to look at he’s going to be able to challenge the more developed teams of Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes and of course Red Bull. The Hulk is in one of the most competitive team mate fights this year as both him and Di Resta are similar drivers, but I think Nico’s going to be the one on top spot, remember he did beat Vettel to pole at Interlagos 2010 in his debut year.

Paul Di Resta: Performed well last season and if he’s improved this year I can see Force India being propelled up the standings. But this year Paul has a new challenge in the shape of Nico Hulkenburg and the on track fight between them is going to be a one to watch.


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