The testing championship

25 Feb

The testing championship is a championship which takes place during testing. Each day of testing there’s 15 points up for grabs, 5 for the driver who sets the fastest time going down to 1 point for the 5th fastest. Although it gives us no clues as to who’s currently the best it helps pass the time at the moment when there’s no F1. Needless to say the championship is being led by Vettel.

After Barcalona the drivers championship stands at:

Vettel                  14

Schumacher       9

Hulkenburg        9

Maldonado         9

Rosberg               8

Alonso                 8

Kobayashi          8

Ricciardo            7

Hamilton            7

Di Resta              7

Raikkonen         6

Webber               6

Vergne                6

Grosjean            5

Perez                   4

Button                 4

Bianchi               2

Massa                 1

and the team standings are:

Red Bull              20

Force India        18

Mercedes            17

Toro Rosso        13

Sauber                 12

Lotus                   11

McLaren            11

Ferrari                  9

Williams              9


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