Drivers Preview, Pt.3 McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull

26 Feb


Jenson Button: Having established himself as McLaren’s number 1 last year  Jenson will be out to prove he deserves that title again, and I can only imagine Jenson will be hoping Hamilton stops and stumbles again. Despite this I can’t see him winning the championship this year as I think the championship will only be able to go to 3 drivers this year: Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton: After last year’s shenanigans you’d have thought that Lewis would overhaul his routine and start afresh, during last season the majority of the blame was put on his social life and especially his relationship with Nicole Scherzinger. So what does he do, Lewis being Lewis he starts going out with her again, if Lewis intends on staying in F1 he’s going to have to put his feet back on the ground.


Michael Schumacher: 3rd time lucky. That’s all Michael can be thinking as he hopes to pick up a podium for the first time since he reentered F1. Despite this lack of successes Michael started to lay the foundations last year and this year could show he can stand on the podium.

Nico Rosberg: The Merc is set to be a challenger this year and then it’s all about which of their drivers can lead the challenge for podiums and victories and if the previous two years are anything to go by then it will be Nico who leads the team again this year.

Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel: The defending champion will be out for a third title this year and unless the Red Bull is useless he’ll likely be leading he charge to the line.

Mark Webber: Aussie Grit could be facing retirement at the end of this year and being replaced by either of the Toro Roso drivers is likely. If that’s the case then he’ll have been unlucky seeing as he’ll have been good enough to win a title but got pipped at the end in 2010.


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