Drivers Preview, Pt.4 Sauber, Toro Rosso and Williams

27 Feb


Kamui Kobayashi: Last year was a poor one for the unstoppable overtaker but Kamui’s car was slow and the rules improving the number of overtakes stopped him doing his challenging moves as he -like everyone else- could do the simple passes. But you have to remember with Kamui, if you give him the machine he’ll get points as he proved last year finishing 5th at Monaco.

Sergio Perez: If the Sauber had improved at the rate of others over last season Sergio would have been able to put a big fight on the competition of best rookie, but Chico had to cope with the car heading further and further back. Despite this there were still times when we could see Sergio was fully deserving of his seat, and I consider him a hot favourite for taking Massa’s seat next year.

Toro Rosso:

Daniel Ricciardo: Potential is a dangerous thing in sport, if you don’t fulfil it you’ve failed and if you do then no one’s that amazed. Daniel has one of the largest potentials on the grid and is widely thought of as a future world champion, so those words will affect him more than others but more dangerous than his future is his present. The man who lurks on the other side of the garage as both Red Bull prodigies battle it out in what could be the 2018 world championship.

Jean-Eric Vergne: When Toro Rosso announced their driver line up the F1 community was shocked, Toro Rosso was replacing two young inexperienced drivers with two younger and even more inexperienced drivers, it looked like madness. But now it looks like a great move, both their drivers could win championships at some points and although we don’t know how Vergne will cope with the power of an F1 car if his CV’s anything to go by he’ll be picking up points like Bernie Ecklestone picks up contracts.


Pastor Maldonado: Before we mention the millions of Venezuelan money behind him lets remind ourselves of what he can do, at Monaco last season he was set to finish 6th had Lewis Hamilton not knocked him off. Problem is he didn’t have enough of those moments and with Williams struggling financially he’s going to have to make sure he doesn’t crash the car too much as Williams won’t be able to afford the repair costs.

Bruno Senna: “If you think I’m fast you should see me nephew”. But despite Ayrton’s word we haven’t seen enough of that potential so far, he started in a HRT which had it been in a race with a snail would have finished 2nd and then got a chance in a Renault which was on it’s way down the field. But he did show his speed at Renault, and it one weekend for Senna to outperform more experienced team mate Vitaly Petrov. Both Senna and Pastor are ridiculously inconsistent drivers and we could easily see Williams regularly picking up points or sitting in a tyre wall.


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