10 things to look at for in F1 2012

28 Feb

1. Sebastian Vettel: he’s going out for his 3rd championship and you have to admit if anyone can join Schumacher and Fangio with three in a row it’s Seb.

2. Nico Hulkenburg v Paul Di Resta: both these drivers are highly rated by the critics but this year will reveal who is the best.

3. Daniel Ricciardo v Jean-Eric Vergne: both these men could be a future world champion and this opportunity to see them in the same team should be a classic.

4. The Toro Rosso selectors: out with the old and in with the new, if it goes well they deserve a bonus but if it goes wrong they could find themselves queuing outside the job centre next year.

5. Lewis Hamilton being unpredictable: well he’s never going to be predictable but it would help if he was more down to earth this year than last year.

6. Massa and Webber retiring: Massa has always been under pressure to perform since 2009 and unless this season is special I can’t see Ferrari giving him another chance. Webber though may leave Red Bull so one of the talent twosome can replace him.

7. Lots of newspaper reports about wether McLaren made the right decision with their nose: With everyone else driving with a platypus nose Lewis and Jenson could either find themselves leading the championship or seeing the team have to change the car.

8. Eddie Jordan’s sense of fashion: Or the lack of it, what will Eddie do this year, dress up as a cowboy for Austin? or wear a hawaiian shirt in a monsoon in Malaysia? The trouble is no one knows.

9. BBC v SKY: As F1 leaves 100% free to air TV both BBC and Sky will be doing their best to try and get an audience. Whoever you are, if you want F1 to be free to air you need to watch the races the BBC have on the BBC.

10. The unexpected: Be it a car setting on fire or Massa doing donuts there is always something unexpected happening in the world of F1, and this year shouldn’t be any different.


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