The Testing Championship (as of 4/3/12)

4 Mar

The testing championship is a championship which takes place during testing. Each day of testing there’s 15 points up for grabs, 5 for the driver who sets the fastest time going down to 1 point for the 5th fastest. Although it gives us no clues as to who’s currently the best it helps pass the time at the moment when there’s no F1. This is the last testing session before the season starts but there are still the results of Mugello (1st-3rd May) to be counted before the official testing champion 2012 can be announced.

The drivers championship currently stands:

Sebastian Vettel                    Red Bull                 17

Romain Grosjean                   Lotus                     15

Fernando Alonso                   Ferrari                    14

Jenson Button                      McLaren                 12

Sergio Perez                        Sauber                   12

Nico Hulkenberg                   Force India             11

Kimi Raikkonen                    Lotus                     11

Jean-Eric Vergne                  Toro Rosso            10

Daniel Ricciardo                   Toro Rosso             10

Michael Schumacher            Mercedes               9

Pastor Maldonado                Williams                 9

Nico Rosberg                      Mercedes                9

Kamui Kobayashi                Sauber                    9

Mark Webber                      Red Bull                  8

Paul Di Resta                     Force India              8

Lewis Hamilton                   McLaren                  7

Felipe Massa                     Ferrari                      3

Bruno Senna                     Williams                   3

Jules Bianchi                    Force India               2

Heikki Kovalainen             Caterham                  1

As you can see the title is very tight and with 15 points still up for grabs almost anyone could win. Though the most any driver’s likely to drive is two days so you need to be within 10 points of Vettel to be in with a shot. Raikkonen and Grosjean are the only drivers to have been fastest more than once (each has been fastest twice).


Lotus                        26

Red Bull                    25

Sauber                      21

Force India                21

Toro Rosso               20

McLaren                   19

Mercedes                 18

Ferrari                      17

Williams                   12

Caterham                   1

Like the drivers championship this one too is very tight and will be down to who’s fastest at Mugello. Lotus have been fastest on 4 occasions and Mercedes and Sauber have both been fastest twice.

Of course this championship means nothing as it’s just testing, but at least it helps kill the time before official season starts 🙂 .


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