Haynes RB6 Manual

8 Mar

This quite simply is a fantastic F1 related book and should be considered a must by for any F1 fan be it young or old, and although it might be slightly outdated (it’s about the 2010 Red Bull) a vast majority of the systems mentioned are still used.

The book is not your standard Haynes manual and not only features the main components of an F1 car and explains how they work and just what effect it has on the F1 car but it also gives you a brief history of the team and takes you through the entire design process from a bright idea to the finished car as well as the problems and the requirements which each component has to fill: crash tests and aerodynamics. This book will enhance your enjoyment of the races whoever you are whatever you know and it illustrates all the differences between your road car and a F1 car.

Rating: 5/5

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