What we now know Pt.1 Caterham, Ferrari, Force India, HRT, Lotus and Marussia

17 Mar

Caterham: This could be the year when Caterham fight it out with the big boys! On the face of it they’re 0.9 seconds behind any other competition, but they have been very close in some of the practice sessions and I reckon that something must have happened on their fastest lap.

Ferrari: Someone’s took Ferrari back to 2009 and unless something goes really really well this season is set to be a disaster. Alonso ended up stuck in the gravel which ruined his chances, and Massa was even slower despite getting 10 minutes to beat Alonso’s time. Either Massa’s car was genuinely slower or Massa needs to be replaced. Qualifying 12th and 17th is a miserable performance by a team who are expected to win races.

Picture Courtesy of Andrew Scott (http://www.flickr.com/photos/asphotos/)

Force India: After much hype during pre  season testing we finally saw what the Force India can do, so far it looks less competitive than last year but I’m confident that they’ll be able to build on what they’ve got so far. Nico took first blood in what is going to be a team fight to remember and if he can qualify 10th on his second debut then imagine what he’ll be like later in the season.

HRT: Well off the pace and outside the 107% line, and that’s just the start of it, both it’s drivers have had to go to the stewards about being in the way on other drivers flying laps and so the odds of them actually starting this race appear to be close to 0. If they are allowed to race expect to hear of them finishing sometime next week.

Lotus: The most varied team on the grid, one driver 3rd (Romain Grosjean) and one driver 18th (Kimi Raikkonen). If the car is as good as it’s shown so far this team could pick up it’s first victory since 2006 (as Renault).

Marussia: May have been in the same situation as HRT (no testing) but they’ve found an extra 2 seconds. This is not going to be the year when Marussia catch up with the midfield but if their speed holds it could be the first year that they’ve not finished last in the constructors championship.


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