What we now know Pt.2 McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull, Sauber, Toro Rosso and Williams

17 Mar

Picture Courtesy of Andrew Scott (http://www.flickr.com/photos/asphotos/)

McLaren: the only top team to have launched their car without a platypus nose and they look all the better because of it, claiming their first all McLaren front row since 2009. If they can keep this up could this be the year when Red Bull are toppled?

Mercedes: everyone said they were hiding something in testing and they were right. Mercedes have got a system on their car whereby when DRS is activated drag is reduced further, although this isn’t amzingly useful in a race it does help considerably in qualifying when DRS use is unlimited. Great performance to get Michael to 4th on the grid (his best start since 2006) and we could see them fight for a podium.

Red Bull: they’ve lost their grip on the F1 season and must be shaking in their boots now we have maybe 5 teams out their capable of winning races (assuming Ferrari can turn it around). Not only are they 5th and 6th but Vettel is the slower of the two (he starts from 6th his worst qualifying performance since Italy 10) and there are rumours that Webber didn’t have access to his KERS.

Sauber: Have come out guns blazing with a car that is worthy of points and although they’re starting from 13th and 14th on the grid they’re only just behind Fernando Alonso! Sauber though have a reputation for not developing a car throughout the season very well and so they could soon drop off the pace.

Toro Rosso: Having abandoned Red Bull’s input in 2011 their car has gone from strength to strength and getting Ricciardo and Vergne both on their Toro Rosso debut to 10th and 11th (ahead of both Ferrari’s) they must be praying that they can get some big points this weekend.

Williams: They’ve finally put to be their 2011 season and could be looking at a season where they are back to making Q3 regularly and picking up points. If Pastor and Bruno can pick up more than 5 points this weekend they’ll have beaten their tally for 2011 in one race!!!

Picture Courtesy of Andrew Scott (http://www.flickr.com/photos/asphotos/)


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