Driver Ratings Melbourne 12 Pt.3 McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull

18 Mar

Picture courtesy of Andrew Scott (

Jenson Button: 9/10 Q2 F1 (McLaren)

Sometime life come down to those small decisions and todays race was one of them, Button decided he’d push for 1st place at the start and it was this decision that made the difference between winning and maybe finishing 3rd.

Lewis Hamilton: 8/10 Q1 F3 (McLaren)

A stunning lap in qualifying gave him pole position and then it was a very unlucky start that left him second. Sadly Lewis was unlucky with his timing of the pit stop and it was just unlucky that he finished 3rd.

Michael Schumacher: 7/10 Q4 DNF (Mercedes)

The real Michael was back this weekend and he qualified way beyond expectations and even ahead of team mate Rosberg who has been a problem for him in the past two years. Was doing well in the race driving in 3rd before retiring.

Nico Rosberg: 5/10 Q7 F12 (Mercedes)

Couldn’t hold a candle to Schumacher in qualifying and things got worse in the race despite a strong start. But the car definitely has speed and I expect it will finish on the podium at some time this year.

Sebastian Vettel: 8/10 Q6 F2 (Red Bull)

The Red Bull may not be the fastest car this year but Vettel still has his ability, he was fast competitive and there was even evidence that he can overtake, something he hasn’t needed to do for too long.

Mark Webber:  6/10 Q5 F4 (Red Bull)

Was strong in qualifying to actually beat team mate Vettel the qualifying specialist but had another of his poor starts to leave him stranded in 9th. Despite this once the start had happened he was quick and he flew up the positions.



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