Driver Ratings Malaysia 12, Pt.3 McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull

25 Mar

Lewis Hamilton: 7/10 Q1 F3

Lewis dominated the weekend, he was fastest in both friday practice session and took his second pole in 2 races sadly he also got his second 3rd place finish in 2 races. He started much better this time and was leading till the safety car went in but a slow pit stop ruined his race and left him 3rd.

Jenson Button: 5/10 Q2 F14

Did well to qualify 2nd and even better to still be 2nd come red flag. But a disastrous few laps saw him pit crash into Karthikeyan and then pit again saw him have to fight his way up from 21st to finish 14th.

Michael Schumacher: 6/10 Q3 F10

His saturday performance gave fans hope that he’d pick up his first podium since the comeback but it wasn’t to be as a first lap from hell saw him down in 15th when the red flag came out. Despite this he drove well once the safety car had come in and to pick up Mercedes’ first point.

Nico Rosberg: 5/10 Q7 F13

Would you believe this was meant to be the year when Mercedes really joined the top. He moved around a bit in the first part of the race but Nico was still riding in 6th when the safety car restarted the race but a badly timed 3rd pit stop ruined his race and after that 13th was a good finishing position.

Sebastian Vettel: 6/10 Q5 F11

Red Bull haven’t been competitive with McLaren so far this season and for Vettel to only manage to qualify 5th shows the problems they’re in. Once the red flag was over Vettel looked set for 4th until he collided with Narain Karthikeyan picked up a puncture and was left for dust. Near the end of the race he livened up the viewing with problems about whether he should retire.

Mark Webber: 7/10 Q4 F4

Unsung man of the weekend and Mark is really showing the Red Bull management that he’s still a force to be reckoned with. He fought he overtaked and he managed to out qualify Seb for the second time in two races.



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