Malaysia Tyre Problems

25 Mar

As you should all know the Malaysian Grand Prix started in the rain and all the drivers started on inters. Despite this though we have very strange conditions, so strange that half the track is dry and the other half is suffering a rain storm, but why is this a problem?

Well drivers can either put on dry tyres or wet tyres, both of which come with their fair share on problems. If you drive on the dry tyres you’ll be a lot faster on the dry parts of the track but to get around the wet section you’ll have to drive at 10mph or fly off the track with no grip. But if your driving on the wets there’s less chance of aquaplaning off the track but the tread on the tyres will be worn away on the dry section as they’ll get them hot which will leave them like really bad dry tyres. This will lead to many pitstops for the team as they’ll constantly need to change to be changing tyres.

All the teams have chosen the wets because lots of pit stops is a better strategy than having to dry very slow and risk flying off at every corner.


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