5 problems F1 will face in the next few years.

27 Mar

Crude Oil: To put it simply it’s running out and this will have an effect on Formula1 as oil is needed all over the Formula 1 car. When it runs out teams will have to change to other types of oil e.g. Rape Seed Oil.

Green Capacity: Similar to the last point but F1 is heavily under pressure to stop using petrol in their cars and use a cleaner fuel like electricity or hydrogen. Green Capacity is the reason that teams have to change to smaller engines after 2013.

Too many races: We’ve got contracts to go to everywhere, Sochi starting in 2014, we’re expected another USA F1 race in the next few years and if we carry on at this rate we’ll have to either have too many races or drop races from the calendar and this could mean we lose some of the better tracks like Melbourne which may get dropped for not being able to afford the sky high prices.

Bernie Ecklestone: No doubt he’s a business genius who’s saved the future of Formula 1, but he’s now starting to ruin it, last year he started campaigning for sprinklers on the tracks to come on at random points, he’s forcing great tracks out of the calendar because they can’t afford to pay his ridiculous prices and he doesn’t seem to care about the smaller teams.

Lack of Sponsors: The economic climate has forced us to lose sponsors and the less money the teams get from sponsors the more they feel they have to accept drivers who come with money behind them or otherwise the car will be uncompetitive. This is also being affected by SKY’s F1 coverage as that reduces the viewing the teams get and so they have to charge less for sponsorship.



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