No Hulk in China

1 Apr

Force India will be a driver down when they contest the Chinese Grand Prix on the 15th April. Due to a visa problem Nico Hulkenburg will not be allowed to enter the country and so won’t be able to race. The problem apparently was  that Nico didn’t correctly sign the forms and so the Chinese authorities haven’t granted him the visa. Despite him obviously upset Nico can see the funny side of this  “At least I save 60 Euro, which would have been the expenses for the visa,” and he seems quite happy with a longer break before the Bahrain Grand Prix on the 22nd April.

This means Force India will either have to field reserve driver Jules Bianchi for his first ever Grand Prix or find someone willing to drive for them. The problem with Jules Bianchi is that not only has he never raced an F1 car before but also because he’s in the Ferrari Drivers academy he’s likely to need Ferrari’s permission and there’s a chance this may not be granted to them because Ferrari may want to make sure he can be used in the young drivers testing at the end of the season (to be eligible for this the driver can never have been entered for an F1 race).

All I can say is that Nico will be deeply missed at the Chinese Grand Prix and the race will be less competitive because of this.

Luckily for us all this isn’t true and that this was Nico’s april fool for the day. Sadly I am the fool and did believe it and if anyone else is then you’re as gullible as me. Nico is a big fan of april fools and last year ‘officially’ had his sponsor’s logo tattooed on his back. All I can say is well done Nico and you sure got me!


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