3 winners and losers of qualifying, China 12

14 Apr


Nico Rosberg: No points in the championship, been out qualified by his team mate every time this season and yet has somehow managed to turn it round to qualify on pole position for his first ever time. As well as that it was such a good pole, half a second quicker than the next quickest lap and it was set at the start of Q3 when the track is expected to be slower.

Kamui Kobayashi: Finished 6th in Australia and this year keeps on getting better for Kamui and Sauber. He’s thrown off the cloak of just being able to overtake and now he’s really competing, maybe well enough to get his first podium this year. 3rd (after Hamilton’s penalty) is fantastic for Kamui and could be the start of his best season yet.

Kimi Raikkonen: Will be starting 4th tomorrow and deserves to be a winner for adapting back to F1 so quickly, when he announced his return who’d have seen him starting 4th ahead of both Red Bulls, McLarens and Ferraris.


Sebastian Vettel: I don’t think I need to say that this year isn’t Red Bull or Sebastian Vettel’s best so far and starting 11th wouldn’t have been foreseen by anyone. In Vettel’s defence the car seems much more suited to team mate Webber and he was only 0.3 seconds behind the fastest time in Q2.

Ferrari: The year doesn’t get any better for Ferrari, Felipe still hasn’t made it to Q3 this year and Fernando yet again has qualified behind the much less experienced Sergio Perez. Luckily for Ferrari their car is fastest come race day and so they could still get a top 5 place.

Force India: In pre season testing they were fast, they’ve appeared fast in both races so far this season and yet the car is starting 15th and 16th. These drivers are good drivers, Nico Hulkenburg even has a pole position under his belt, and this makes me think that it’s the car that’s the problem.

Just a note, this grid is of much surprise, the big 3 have all failed to make the top 4, Mercedes’ ambition of making the the big 3 the big 4 is looking ever more likely and Sauber have come from nowhere to be now be competing with the very best. Let’s just hope Sauber can keep it up because in the past they’ve always become less competitive during the season due to stopping updating the car but something tells me they won’t stop this year as this could be the year where Sauber become a big team again.


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