Driver Rating China 12, Pt.3 Mercedes, McLaren and Red Bull

15 Apr

Nico Rosberg: 10/10 S1 F1 #DriverOfTheDay

Nico came into this race with no championship points this season, 110 races without a pole or a win and yet has come out of it with 25 points, his first pole and his first win. Nico drove a text book race with an amazing qualifying lap which was o.5 seconds faster than the next fastest and started impeccably. Nico only once looked like he may not win when Jenson Button was leading and lapping quicker but, JB’s bad pit and the argie bargie overtaking which happened behind him gave him the win by a mammoth 20 seconds.

Michael Schumacher: 7/10 S2 DNF

Michael had picked up Mercedes’ only championship point before this race but the Mercedes was as ever quick in qualifying to qualify 3rd and due to Hamilton’s 5 place penalty he started 2nd alongside his team mate. Sadly the first pit stop went wrong and when the front right tyre wasn’t attached properly Schue was lucky to be able to pull up at the side of the track with 4 tyres and leave the race without incident.

Jenson Button: 9/10 S5 F2

In qualifying the car appeared to not be perfectly set up for Jenson and at times it looked like Jenson had lost his control of the car but today the car was different and maybe Jenson could have won the race had it not been for the poor pit stop. Which ruined his chances and left him surrounded by all the other cars from 2nd to 12th all trying to overtake. But some great moves meant he overtook Kimi and Vettel.

Lewis Hamilton: 8/10 S7 F3

His third 3rd position of the year so far has given him the championship lead as Lewis turns to consistency not winning. Lewis didn’t get to start in the position he’d of liked as he had to have a 5 place grid penalty for changing a gearbox and he missed out on his 3rd pole in 3 races due to Rosberg’s fabulous lap. Despite this Lewis took the car by the scruff of it’s neck and overtaking both Red Bulls in the final few laps.

Sebastian Vettel: 8/10 S11 F5

Having been knocked out in Q2 few thought Vettel would be competitive in the race but yet he was even despite a very poor start where he fell down to 14th but Vettel showed a style we haven’t seen him use before to carve his way up the track and even ran in 3rd for a few laps before Button, Hamilton and Webber overtook him. If I was Vettel I wouldn’t go to bed disappointed.

Mark Webber: 8/10 S6 F4

Starting to look like the better driver in Red Bull’s books and really performed well, he may not have qualified as well as he’d of liked but he performed in the race and his maneuver on Seb in the dying lap was really good.


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