Driver Ratings China 12 Pt.1, Caterham, Ferrari and Force India

15 Apr

Heikki Kovalainen: 6/10 S18 F23

Yet again technical problems ruined his chance of winning the ‘B’ league after yet again a very strong start gaining 2 places on the first lap and managing to run 11th before pitting sadly from then on it was just about moving backwards down the grid to end up with 4 pits and 23rd place.

Vitaly Petrov: 7/10 S19 F18

Must be revelling in Heikki’s misfortunes as it meant that for the second time in a row Vitaly has finished ahead of his team mate. Despite this though he appears to be nowhere as strong as Heikki as Vitaly never ran higher than 18th and was invisible to anyone watching the race.

Fernando Alonso: 7/10 S9 F9

It was a big fall from 1st last race to 9th his week but Fernando can not take the blame for this as it was the max. of the car, and to still be 3rd in the championship shows just how good Fernando is even in a less than impressive car. Fernando’s first 3 stints were perfect rising to 4th 3rd and 4th before having to pit but things went wrong in the 4th stint as he ran wide whilst trying an overtaking manoeuvre and then ended up struggling to overtake Maldonado in a race that was similar to Abu Dhabi 2010 for him.

Felipe Massa: 3/10 S12 F13

Still hasn’t made Q3 this season and still hasn’t managed to get a point as the season goes from bad to worse for Felipe. Sometimes ran high but he always looked like he only had the speed of a midfield car and I can’t see Massa finishing the year at this rate, poor car or not.

Paul Di Resta: 6/10 S15 F12

The car looked Q3 in pre season testing and yet Paul hasn’t got there yet but this week Paul did manage to qualify ahead of Nico Hulkenburg, his teammate, a strong start saw him take 2 positions in the first lap and he managed to run 11th before having to pit for the first time and he was running in the points before the second pit stop and maybe pitted at the wrong time otherwise he could have took some points home.

Nico Hulkenburg: 5/10 S16 F15

Will be thinking he should have qualified about Paul having been the only Force India driver to make it to Q3 this year but will blame his bad day on that problem early on where after only 9 laps he had to pit for a new front wing which and after that he never seemed able to finish higher up than he did.


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