Driver Ratings China 12, Pt.4 Sauber, Toro Rosso and Williams

15 Apr

Sergio Perez: 7/10 S8 F11

Sergio was like a jack in the box, one minute he was leading and looked the strong the next he was out of the points. Qualifying 8th was his best so far this season and I really thought he could finish in the points. Sergio had a good start getting ahead of team mate Kamui in only a few laps and was running first for a few laps before pitting but he came out badly in the last 10 laps and had to settle for no points.

Kamui Kobayashi: 8/10 S3 F10

Put your hand up if you thought Kamui would manage to start the race in 3rd after a stonkingly good qualifying lap? I for one certainly didn’t but sadly for Kamui the race wasn’t the dream he’d have like, he lost a few places at the start and was soon having to make up ground to try and finish in the points, but luckily for Kamui Kimi Raikkonen’s tyres went and so Kamui picked up 1 championship point.

Daniel Ricciardo: 6/10 S17 F17

Didn’t look the Red Bull future this weekend and never really contended for points, Toro Rosso wasn’t strong in qualifying but of the two of them I thought Daniel was particularly poor in the  race and to be beaten by a team mate who started from the pit lane must be very embarrassing for him.

Jean-Eric Vergne: 7/10 S24 (pitlane) F16

Jean-Eric impressed today and is already looking the better Toro Rosso, he did have problems in Q1 which meant he qualified 18th but I think these are the problems which forced him to start from the pit lane so I don’t think it’s his fault and he did well in the race, he set a fastest lap at one point and managed to finish ahead of team mate Daniel despite having to start from the back.

Pastor Maldonado: 8/10 S13 F8

Pastor yet again performed well and performed very like Vitaly Petrov in the Abu Dhabi GP 2010 by keeping an eager Alonso behind him. Pastor won’t be happy with his qualifying but at the same time he won’t be disappointed as most of the drivers ahead of him were in faster cars and/or are some of the current greats in the sport. In the race Pastor drove very well and in the last 10 laps especially drove very well to keep Fernando behind him.

Bruno Senna: 8/10 S14 F7

Bruno really performed well today and is really taking the fight to Pastor Maldonado, he was quite strong all weekend and maybe was unlucky to only finish 6th, he’s really filling the hype about him built up by Ayrton Senna famously saying “If you think I’m quick you should see my nephew.”


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