JKEA Qualifying Championship round 3 standings

17 Apr

This weekend Lewis took the lead of the drivers championship, but did you know that also this weekend Lewis took the lead of the JKEA Qualifying Championship. If you’ve already read about the JKEA Qualifying Championship then you’ll know how it works, if not here it is. It takes place at every race in Q3, the driver who goes fastest gets 10 points 2nd 9 points down to 10th that gets 1 point. As well as this 3 bonus points are available for the driver who sets the fastest lap come the race. Here are the drivers standings:

  1. Lewis Hamilton                McLaren                 29               (last week 2nd)
  2. Jenson Button                   McLaren                 26               (1st)
  3. Michael Schumacher      Mercedes                23               (3rd)
  4. Mark Webber                    Red Bull                  17               (4th)
  5. Nico Rosberg                    Mercedes                17               (8th)
  6. Kimi Raikkonen              Lotus                       15                (7th)
  7. Romain Grosjean           Lotus                       13                (5th)
  8. Sebastian Vettel              Red Bull                 10                (6th)
  9. Kamui Kobayashi           Sauber                    10                (-)
  10. Fernando Alonso           Ferrari                     4                  (11th)
  11. Sergio Perez                     Sauber                     4                  (13th)
  12. Pastor Maldonado         Williams                3                  (9th)
  13. Nico Hulkenburg           Force India            2                  (10th)
  14. Daniel Ricciardo            Toro Rosso            1                  (12th)

This is the first weekend where Lewis hasn’t taken pole position but he’s still managed to take the lead. Nico Rosberg will de delighted with his 10 points which have taken him from 8th to 5th and if he can keep this up he may be able to challenge the people at the top. Another driver who received 10 points this weekend was Kamui Kobayashi who not only qualified 4th picking up 7 points but also set the fastest lap to pick up another 3 points.


  1. McLaren                   55             (last weekend 1st)
  2. Mercedes                  40             (3rd)
  3. Lotus                         28             (4th)
  4. Red Bull                    27             (2nd)
  5. Sauber                      14              (9th)
  6. Ferrari                      4                (6th)
  7. Williams                  3               (5th)
  8. Force India             2               (6th)
  9. Toro Rosso             1               (8th)

A Mercedes 1-2 means they started to close the gap on McLaren but it may take a few laps to overhaul them because McLaren have had some time to build up a large lead.


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